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Saturday, September 27, 2008

.ten years of _g_oogle.

ten years... ten years since larry/sergey's _b_ack_r_ub became google... *g*o*o*g*l*e*, mapping the web.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

.intrepid alpha 5.

Among the newest GNOME (2.23.91) with its new features (like the improved File Roller archive manager which now has extra support for ALZ, RZIP, CAB, TAR.7Z) and many bug fixes, official DKMS project testing on Intrepid (useful on third-party drivers updating, on a new kernel core update - highly increased stability/compatibility; less work for you), Ubuntu Intrepid Alpha 5 has began the official evaluation of kernel 2.6.27 (available for install since 28 August - AFAIK) for Ubuntu 8.10; also, the "Last successful boot" implementation (adding a last successful option on GRUB's /boot/grub/menu.lst, each time the boot process is successful - by making a copy of the running kernel), useful in APT's autoremove feature (by making it more safer - speaking of kernels).


Thursday, September 4, 2008

.happy birthday to _g__n__u_!.

The 25th anniversary of the GNU Operating System.

In the film, Stephen Fry talks about freedom, comparing the free software operating system to "good science" and contrasts it with the tyranny _imposed_ by the proprietary software.
Mr. Fry also encourages people to use free GNU/Linux distributions.


Download Mirror:
Best quality (125MB).
Good quality (33MB).
Medium quality (21MB).
Low quality (7MB).
Very low quality - dial-up connections (3MB).

Happy birthday to GNU, happy birthday to GNU! Happy birthday dear Freedom, happy birthday to GNU!.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

.google chromium (beta).

while it's not yet packaged for *nix-based systems, chromium code is available for downloading/installing on a gnu/linux machine (so, i and my buddy ed tried it out last night, to see what we can get).

however, due to extreme loading, depot_tools from
src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/depot_tools/linux depot_tools's svn were unable to get the source (src path).
then I decided to throw a wget on chromium's /svn/trunk/src (http://src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/src), downloading the source (btw, you will probably have scons already installed - found on third-party/ dir, anyway).

in the meantime, the folks uploaded an updated version of chromium (equivalent of depot_tool's gclient sync - full synchronization was a subject to avoid just a few hours ago). so, check it out, compile it with scons (scons Hammer in /chromium/src/chrome/); give it a try.

update: this morning, i gave wine (wine-1.1.3) a chance. chromium ran, then crashed, but at least now I can take a tiny look under the hood (use this build).

() /exec true.

it uses the v8 javascript engine, (unique) multi-process architecture, "giving back memory" implementation, (first!) webkit implementation on mswin.
also, chromium is very challenging to debug (it has about:memory facility, its own taskman, etc.). have fun.

p.s.: the code contains _a.lot_ of libraries (like webki, npapi, libxml, hunspell, bzip2, scons, sqlite, tlslite, etc.), search for readmne.google files for details about each of these libs.


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