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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

.google chromium (beta).

while it's not yet packaged for *nix-based systems, chromium code is available for downloading/installing on a gnu/linux machine (so, i and my buddy ed tried it out last night, to see what we can get).

however, due to extreme loading, depot_tools from
src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/depot_tools/linux depot_tools's svn were unable to get the source (src path).
then I decided to throw a wget on chromium's /svn/trunk/src (http://src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/src), downloading the source (btw, you will probably have scons already installed - found on third-party/ dir, anyway).

in the meantime, the folks uploaded an updated version of chromium (equivalent of depot_tool's gclient sync - full synchronization was a subject to avoid just a few hours ago). so, check it out, compile it with scons (scons Hammer in /chromium/src/chrome/); give it a try.

update: this morning, i gave wine (wine-1.1.3) a chance. chromium ran, then crashed, but at least now I can take a tiny look under the hood (use this build).

() /exec true.

it uses the v8 javascript engine, (unique) multi-process architecture, "giving back memory" implementation, (first!) webkit implementation on mswin.
also, chromium is very challenging to debug (it has about:memory facility, its own taskman, etc.). have fun.

p.s.: the code contains _a.lot_ of libraries (like webki, npapi, libxml, hunspell, bzip2, scons, sqlite, tlslite, etc.), search for readmne.google files for details about each of these libs.


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